Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cosmo, Preggers!

This is also from the "Fairly Odd Baby" episode. Some drawings to guide the animators, as they laid out the sequence where a pregnant Cosmo dances joyously through a bucolic landscape, celebrating his impending

Unfortunately the animation of this sequence was really disappointing, and what should have been a very funny animated segment blows by almost before you have time to notice it. That's what happens when you export art to the lowest bidder.


Hey Bullblog said...

Really nice and funny drawings.

CJ said...

To be honest I have to agree. Although I like the static animation the show has at times. It would be nice to have certain sequences with more fluid motion and attention to detail.

From what you described I would've loved to have seen this sequence. :D

Anonymous said...

It's a shame how animation is treated. At least we can see your drawings and get an idea of how they were supposed to be.

Dougmian said...

I´m curious to see this sequence!
I like so much your work!
Cosmo "pregnant", that is funny a lot!

Mirella said...


sanakae said...

cool cool!!

Sthephany said...

I loved it! I can't wait for this episode shows in my country!

Fabrizio said...



I spotted your blog on Verve. You draw so funny!
Great stuff.

Greetings from Italy


tinylittlesandra said...

I happily, happened upon your blog - I love it! especially the stuff on "the good old days"... Fantastic!

Pan said...

Loved how Cosmo looks pregnant! He seems to be very happy :)

You're art is such an inspiration!

Tevik Avakyan said...

Great blog full of wonderful work!

Jason Miskimins said...

Great drawings.

Alina Chau said...

These are wonderful!

Liz said...

Hello Ernie!
Your art is fabulous! I happened across an episode of FOP and actually had a chance to see the credits (I have a toddler), and there you were! My husband couldn't understand why I suddenly yelled "Ernie Gilbert!"
By now you're wondering why this stalker is writing to you... I used to go to school with you at UM-F. If you remember an outspoken Freshman by the name of Liz Knaski who had an opinion about everything... yeah, that would be me!

Glad to see you've accomplished your goal of a career in animation! Say hi to Cathy for me.

God Bless,
Liz (Knaski) Hewes

Ernie Gilbert said...

Thank you so much everyone, for the kind words, and for checking out my blog! I'm sorry to be so delinquent in responding, and posting... it's one of my resolutions to do better in the new year! Thanks again!