Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Incidental Thugs

I'm in the slightly awkward position of working on a show that hasn't aired yet, which makes it difficult to find anything current to post. Here are a couple of drawings I did a few weeks ago, and I just learned this sequence was cut, so here you go! These kinds of crowds can be intimidating to start, but with our production schedule racing along at locomotive speed, there's only one viable approach for me- one pass to rough it out, and one pass to tie it down. There's no time for agonizing, so there's always the desire for more time to go back & finesse, but on the other hand it's a great exercise in hitting the ground running, & following your first impulse. In the first image, the thugs are surrounding a character who is too small for us to see... in the second he blasts out of their midst...

1 comment:

michaelamos said...

Hey Ernie,
Crowds are always tough. Like the layout in the first drawing. Lots of nice varying shapes and cool elephant trunks!