Saturday, January 20, 2007


Crusher! The name says it all. Imagine being named "Crusher" at birth, and having to live up to the expectations that must create? No wonder he looks angry.

Here's the rough:

And the final art (The "Thanks for looking!" was added when I made him the last page of my portfolio.):

Incidental Egyptians

Here's a page of incidental Egyptians, done for a shot in a Fairly Oddparents episode.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Good Old Days

For the past couple of years, I've been working as the Art Director for The Fairly Oddparents, while continuing to occasionally do character design for the show as well. These are from one of my favorite episodes of that show, called "The Good Old Days". conceived, written & storyboarded by Dave Thomas, this show was a joy to work on, and everyone on the crew really gave it everything they had. While the character designs here are mine, Gordon Hammond shared character design duties for this episode. Jim Worthy did the amazing background designs, and Dan Chesher painted them with remarkable authenticity. Props were done by Frank Rocco. What we were going for, was a 1930's, Max Fleischer look to the show, which essentially (and reverently) spoofed the cartoons of that era. Of course, the main characters still had to look like the main characters from a very graphic, modern show, which presented it's own set of challenges.

Get a load of this background~ lavishly drawn by Jim Worthy, & beautifully painted by Dan Chesher. Trolley, hydrant, & car by Frank Rocco (who else?)

One of the most exciting things for me, was getting to provide the singing voice (and play ukulele) for this character- Chippington Skylark III

Here are some screen-grabs, from the final episode

Here's a frame from the song sequence

Hear the 1920's Icky Vicky song (with me on vocals and ukulele) here!:


Thanks for lookin'!